Refrigeration Repair

Is Your Fridge on the Fritz?

Is Your Fridge on the Fritz?

Schedule a refrigeration repair in or around Cape Coral, FL

You rely on your refrigerator to keep all your food cool and fresh. If it were to fail unexpectedly, you could lose hundreds of dollars in groceries. That's why J & J.J AC and Refrigeration LLC offers residential refrigeration repair for clients in the Cape Coral, FL area. Our crew can troubleshoot your refrigerator and provide a solution.

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Is your refrigerator showing signs of a problem?

If your refrigerator is acting up, there could be any number of issues, both simple and complex. The experts at J & J.J AC and Refrigeration will properly diagnose the problem and make sure it's solved. Some common signs you need refrigeration repair include:

  • Strange humming or vibrating noises
  • Food that spoils very quickly
  • Doors that don't seal properly
  • A higher than normal utility bill
  • Water leaking onto the floor
  • A lack of power

If you notice these or any other concerning problems, contact our company immediately. We offer 24/7 emergency service. Make an appointment for your refrigeration repair in Cape Coral, FL now.